Ferry Level 1481
Deafening, Tightfisted, Hapless, Stomach, Crow

Ferry Level 1482
Plausible, Unit, Zoo, Rate, Country, Hateful, Umbrella

Ferry Level 1483
Stir, Bury, Belligerent, Untidy, Quilt, Ablaze, Consist

Ferry Level 1484
Redundant, Zany, Tricky, Storm, Skinny, Innocent

Ferry Level 1485
Frail, Sleep, Fang, Afraid, Spoil, Push, Slow, Wander

Ferry Level 1486
Steadfast, Nut, Shiver, Dress, Engine, Scrawny, Control

Ferry Level 1487
Hospitable, Illustrious, Poise, Gigantic, Vest

Ferry Level 1488
Blue, Comfortable, Lean, Repulsive, Son, Pour, Copper

Ferry Level 1489
Capricious, Violent, Permissible, Brave, Sudden

Ferry Level 1490
Beneficial, Miscreant, Embarrass, Sleet, Thoughtless, Dam

Ferry Level 1491
Milk, Marry, Increase, Place, Store, Separate, Dazzle

Ferry Level 1492
Abundant, Hapless, First, Lowly, Square, Solid, Root

Ferry Level 1493
Resolute, Pat, Accurate, Hose, Tramp, Development

Ferry Level 1494
Try, Vagabond, Shock, Relax, Swim, Hallowed, Error

Ferry Level 1495
Cry, Dashing, Vast, Awful, Buzz, Rejoice, Obeisant

Ferry Level 1496
Sedate, Squeamish, Icky, Auspicious, Parcel, Superficial

Ferry Level 1497
Transport, Range, Stranger, Rob, Chivalrous, Daughter

Ferry Level 1498
Wild, Complete, Cobweb, Stereotype, Cabbage, Faint

Ferry Level 1499
Cat, Join, Finger, Approval, Advertisement, Yell

Ferry Level 1500
Zephyr, Fog, Cooperative, Mellow, Chalk, Pray, Foam

Ferry Level 1501
Riddle, Stare, Crib, Paltry, Card, Education, Groovy

Ferry Level 1502
Didactic, Quartz, Aboard, Box, Cushion, Grape, Clip

Ferry Level 1503
Sheep, Afternoon, Quarrelsome, Futuristic, Ordinary

Ferry Level 1504
Trot, Order, Crawl, Sloppy, Wrench, Obsolete, Unruly

Ferry Level 1505
Exuberant, Jellyfish, Beef, Motion, Enthusiastic

Ferry Level 1506
Cub, Tearful, Robin, Kindly, Crook, Abortive, Tip

Ferry Level 1507
Zip, Caption, Hobby, Heap, Arm, Gratis, Wind, Bitter

Ferry Level 1508
Suspect, Beginner, Offend, Obscene, Quiver, Alert

Ferry Level 1509
Nail, Ajar, Testy, Earsplitting, Squash, Guiltless

Ferry Level 1510
Song, Petite, Unfasten, Mere, Inexpensive, Grouchy


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