Barnacle Level 941
Beat, Moustache, Milk, Lonely, Period, Eternity

Barnacle Level 942
Sticker, Eight, Overgrown, Spontaneous, Driven

Barnacle Level 943
Adult, User, Fiction, Button, Stride, Please, Junction

Barnacle Level 944
Paragraph, Duke, Living, Watcher, Response, Column

Barnacle Level 945
Information, Poster, Improve, Cook, Last, Vacation

Barnacle Level 946
Acoustic, Shaker, Tulip, Token, Hold, Body, Darling, Gourmet

Barnacle Level 947
Swivel, Stairway, Odd, Market, Reason, Strong, Hang

Barnacle Level 948
Mine, Enough, Skirt, Startle, Library, County, Please

Barnacle Level 949
Clog, Vegan, Volume, Silent, Friendly, Plastic, Wine

Barnacle Level 950
Game, Adorn, Freeway, Urban, Alright, Said, Chill, Free

Barnacle Level 951
Spectacle, Songbird, Hammock, Tight, Vocalist, Energy

Barnacle Level 952
Dream, Sweater, Should, Rave, Night, Swell, Injury, Kid

Barnacle Level 953
Crab, Revolution, Cookbook, Milestone, Bogey, Compilation

Barnacle Level 954
Previous, Translation, Research, Content, Lens, Secret

Barnacle Level 955
Parent, Sneakers, Bodily, Magazine, Installment, Carry

Barnacle Level 956
Tread, Host, Leave, First, Lyrics, City, Cowboy, Shelf

Barnacle Level 957
Undone, Insert, Dark, Left, Song, Lump, Pigeon, Ukulele

Barnacle Level 958
Zero, Proper, Magician, Blonde, Formula, List, Sunroof

Barnacle Level 959
Good, Demon, Arrest, Language, Proof, Workbook, Mill

Barnacle Level 960
Fur, Shift, Unspeakable, Secrete, Hypothesis, Line

Barnacle Level 961
Placard, Read, Assault, Listen, Increase, Glorious

Barnacle Level 962
Offspring, Social, Warrant, Cart, Grey, Preposition

Barnacle Level 963
Sleeveless, Expedition, Locksmith, Optimistic

Barnacle Level 964
Window, Shelter, Handbag, Takeoff, Timing, Ponder

Barnacle Level 965
Tantrum, Description, Notification, Gridlock

Barnacle Level 966
Protect, Flannel, Season, Serious, Snowflake, Pleasantry

Barnacle Level 967
Curls, Gate, Vote, Home, Country, Side, Upkeep, Lament

Barnacle Level 968
Control, Need, Bone, Fixture, Interior, Architect

Barnacle Level 969
Shear, Turtle, Shake, Sound, Original, Cross, Right

Barnacle Level 970
Nothing, Delightful, Unearth, Mosque, Outbreak, Beginning

Barnacle Level 971
Almost, Break, Sustain, Empower, Breathe, Hobble, Red

Barnacle Level 972
Nominee, Shotgun, Nightmare, Oblique, Opinion, Famous

Barnacle Level 973
Lifestyle, Captivate, Carpenter, Insoluble, Casserole

Barnacle Level 974
Middle, Quirky, Zucchini, Foreseen, Laugh, Problem

Barnacle Level 975
Shift, Headstrong, Fellowship, Overweight, Tug

Barnacle Level 976
Autograph, Breadth, Outcast, Veteran, Irritable, Squint

Barnacle Level 977
Eggplant, Strength, Catalyst, Monetary, Dreadful

Barnacle Level 978
Trainer, Mundane, Harmful, Affliction, When, One

Barnacle Level 979
Axle, Vegetation, Membership, Shade, Rainbow, Fire

Barnacle Level 980
Explain, Operation, Tutor, Between, War, Sharpen, Comment


Barnacle 941 to 980 — 2 Comments

  1. Very frustrated I have been playing this game for about one year. For the last week my free hints will not download. Keeps coming up error. I’m in the barnacle level.

  2. I am having trouble with level 941, Branacle. No matter how I try to enter “cups” it will not take.the word. Please help, love this game.

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