Barnacle Level 911
Ungrateful, Noncompliant, Systematic, Reverse, Studio

Barnacle Level 912
Drink, Pants, Flower, Section, Stalled, Horse, Gamble

Barnacle Level 913
Python, Recycle, Tandem, Tide, Northern, Without, Hopeful

Barnacle Level 914
Wish, Penny, Unlock, Guide, Green, Slippery, Lost

Barnacle Level 915
Anthropology, Wiggle, Grand, Tall, Fuse, Take, Pin, Yes

Barnacle Level 916
Many, Unidentified, Perilous, Challenging, Fleet

Barnacle Level 917
Frozen, Barbecue, Misguided, Errant, Leftover, Prison

Barnacle Level 918
Lion, Hitch, Hulk, Wild, Explorer, Tablet, Cube, Lid

Barnacle Level 919
Headphones, Hairdo, Problem, Sing, Chosen, Pout

Barnacle Level 920
Yellow, Money, Soul, Outside, Movement, Monument

Barnacle Level 921
Hideaway, Vent, Enclosure, Iron, Hammer, Grown, Winter

Barnacle Level 922
Runaway, Respect, Psychology, Merit, Hum, Mom, Unwanted

Barnacle Level 923
Missionary, Mistletoe, Merriment, Fast, Tawdry

Barnacle Level 924
Suntan, Promise, Puzzle, Worn, Unclean, Nominate

Barnacle Level 925
Sizzle, Restaurant, Vowel, Preemptive, Ocean, Proud

Barnacle Level 926
Leaves, Footstep, Autumn, Removable, Chicken, Whittle, Craft

Barnacle Level 927
Lettuce, Wheat, Farmer, Sluggish, Shift, Mule, Movie, Timely

Barnacle Level 928
Sandals, Minivan, Newspaper, Single, Short, Untied

Barnacle Level 929
Approximation, Occasional, Aggressive, Cohabitation

Barnacle Level 930
Grateful, Apologetic, Over, Poetry, Modern, Plug, Fit

Barnacle Level 931
Skin, Doctor, Genetics, Lamp, Pose, Preliminary

Barnacle Level 932
Agent, Station, Nowhere, Duty, Angel, Investment, Criteria

Barnacle Level 933
Yarn, Lot, Pool, Laundry, Help, Prick, Try, Tailgate

Barnacle Level 934
Never, Harvest, United, Every, Liable, Insurance, Flaunt

Barnacle Level 935
Fraudulent, Pleasant, Justifiable, Mathematics

Barnacle Level 936
Unwise, Walkable, Hear, Bee, Pamphlet, Unstoppable

Barnacle Level 937
Comment, Rejection, Crowd, Steel, Miserable, Knot

Barnacle Level 938
Infidel, Ice, Monster, Mega, Minute, Wash, Command, Proper

Barnacle Level 939
Calculator, Blouse, Spider, Brisk, Rattle, Touchy

Barnacle Level 940
Dangerous, Contemporary, Data, Test, Subject, General, Form


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