Barnacle Level 881
Winner, Golden, Nickel, Specific, Sunrise, Mountain, Branch

Barnacle Level 882
Top, One, Character, Honest, Soft, Angry, Sideways, Escape

Barnacle Level 883
Alphabetical, Noteworthy, Winter, Bibliography

Barnacle Level 884
Connection, Scandal, Digital, Diplomat, Energy, Urgent, Bike

Barnacle Level 885
Carpet, Chalkboard, Computer, Oven, Dad, Lizard

Barnacle Level 886
Power, Sneeze, Student, Throw, Surround, Pavement, Dolphin

Barnacle Level 887
Unsure, Reliable, Thunderstorm, Illustration, Two

Barnacle Level 888
Update, Seize, Sort, Front, Throttle, Toddler, Soup, Banana

Barnacle Level 889
Perfect, Spoonful, Splendid, Croak, Tuesday, Lint

Barnacle Level 890
Mirror, Database, Lightning, Cheese, Fuel, Empty, Chance, Moon

Barnacle Level 891
Legalization, Elementary, Photograph, Grandchildren

Barnacle Level 892
Debate, Democrats, Deliberate, Diary, Dogs, Doll

Barnacle Level 893
Tilting, Intricate, Engage, Worry, Endless, Water, Icicle

Barnacle Level 894
Refrain, Regulate, Position, Mud, Season, Over, Pile

Barnacle Level 895
Mysterious, Moss, Outward, Ongoing, Laptop, Issue

Barnacle Level 896
Book, Frost, Launch, Lunch, Debilitate, Fuse, Eat, Temptation

Barnacle Level 897
Witch, Berries, Barrier, Undone, Putrid, Following, Teardrop

Barnacle Level 898
Nose, Buried, Shoe, Forgiven, Long, Pump, Eve, Saturate

Barnacle Level 899
Telephone, Tandem, Trickery, Stupendous, Enormous

Barnacle Level 900
Elongate, Triangle, Elephant, Fish, Steering, Spell

Barnacle Level 901
Bubble, Type, Discord, Harmonious, Few, Beautician

Barnacle Level 902
Discernable, Awkward, Licensed, Unconcerned

Barnacle Level 903
Injury, Flatland, Furniture, Soften, Groom, Pet, Satellite

Barnacle Level 904
Backpack, Studious, Oblivion, Today, System, Downfall, Redo

Barnacle Level 905
Meaningless, Sour, How, Flagrant, Forceful, Hop, Stall, Waver

Barnacle Level 906
Whatever, Longitude, Purpose, Finger, Prompt, Trip

Barnacle Level 907
Garbage, Gargle, Seat, Lean, Steak, Coffee, Private, Radio

Barnacle Level 908
Crash, Disengage, Fruitful, Disregard, Highlight, Suffer

Barnacle Level 909
Someone, Unknown, Freezing, Loser, Flash, Green, Angler

Barnacle Level 910
Comical, Heard, Camel, Stolen, Wide, Fresh, Recreation


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