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Easter Puzzle Answer
Daily Puzzle Answers

  • Algae: 1~10

  • Plankton: 11~20

  • Seaweed: 21~40

  • Oyster: 41~60

  • Coral: 61~80

  • Guppy: 81~100

  • Clam: 101~120

  • Shrimp: 121~140

  • Starfish: 141~160

  • Urchin: 161~180

  • Seahorse: 181~200

  • Crayfish: 201~220

  • Jellyfish: 221~240

  • Crab: 241~260

  • Eel: 261~280

  • Herring: 281~300

  • Lobster: 301~320

  • Great Scallop: 321~340

  • Clownfish: 341~360

  • Tuna: 361~380

  • Swordfish: 381~400

  • Shark: 401~420

  • King Crab: 421~440

  • Sea Turtle: 441~460

  • Manta Ray: 461~480

  • Giant Squid: 481~500

  • Dolphin: 501~520

  • Blue Whale: 521~540

  • Great White Shark: 541~560

  • Gray Whale: 561~580

  • Giant Jellyfish: 581~610

  • Seashell: 611~640

  • Mermaid: 641~670

  • Sea Monster: 671~700

  • Sushi: 701~730

  • Lifebuoy: 731~760

  • Swimmer: 761~790

  • Anchor: 791~820

  • Scuba Diver: 821~850

  • Submarine: 851~880

  • Barnacle
    881~910 | 911-940

  • Inflatable Boat
    981~1010 | 1011-1040

  • Fisher
    1081~1110 | 1111-1140

  • Sea Captain
    1181~1210 | 1211-1240

  • Water Scooter
    1281~1310 | 1311-1340

  • Navigator
    1381~1410 | 1411-1440

  • Ferry
    1481~1510 | 1511-1540

  • Battleship
    1581~1610 | 1611-1640

  • Colossal Squid
    1681~1710 | 1711-1740

  • Admiral
    1781~1810 | 1811~1840

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    Welcome — 44 Comments

      • I have been playing this game for a while but am very disappointed as I went to get a free hint and it wouldn’t let me.before I stop playing altogether I thought I would inquire what was wrong. Look forward to hearing from you. My number is 6033402352.

    1. My grandson ordered $74 worth of hints on the “wordbubbles” game and i just found out and i would like to cancel the transaction so how do i do so?

      • Consider going through Apple’s refund process to get your money back. It is up to Apple whether or not they will allow you the refund. **Please note that we are not the official developer nor Apple and this is only an advice from a third party website.

    2. Let people learn

    3. I ordered the Easter Special package of 300 hints for $19.00. Word bubble just charged my account & $39.90!!! What is going on! Please contact me & let me know how this happen and/ or credit me to the price of the special that I signed up for! Thank you for making this right!

    4. Love the game but found 2 glitches. First, when you leave the game you lose your answers. Second, if you get a hint, when you leave the game, the hints move up to the next word.

      • If I have to quit a puzzle before it is complete, I usually take a screenshot and refer to it when I return to the game. I don’t have a solution for the hints moving. Yes, it is annoying.

    5. Yes, I’d like to say I love the game but I’m on Level 19 last puzzle before moving onto level 20. I know all the words but the T is in the wrong spot and I can’t connect the word impartial. Now I can’t finish the puzzle. Help!!!

    6. Really enjoying wordbubbble but my complaint is once again I find the answers from JELLYFISH on are not compatible with WINDOWS PHONE.

      This also happens in WORDBRAIN, it spoils the enjoyment in playing.
      May as well DELETE both game’s unless your willing to HELP us WINDOW Phone users by up dating your website.

      A reply would oblige so we know were being heard ect, ie: action you’ll take ……….

    7. I just purchased the $19.99 package & had right at 300 hints left! When it called for upgrade on the Word Bubble game I lost all my hints except six! Please reimburse me for my hints! I like to play this game but if I don’t get reimbursed I will be forced to delete game! Please take care of this! Thank you!

    8. First, THANK YOU for all these answers! WooHoo!!

      Second, THANK YOU for listing the “Old Answers” as well!!
      **Note people, it states that the updates changed some of the puzzles! AND, this site is the answers, not the developer!

      Third, THANK YOU for all the Hints instead of answers! Unfortunately they don’t go all the way to the end, but it is awesome having all the answers here in one place!!

      I shall endeavor to make a Hints List from all your answers for my own use.

    9. There is a glitch on word bubbles number 246. I cannot mark the word imported as the letters are not in the correct order. Please fix otherwise I cannot go on to the next level. Thank you

      • Just cheat, type on the internet what answer is 246? Then find wordbrain or type in answers for wordbubble and you will get the next level

    10. Thank you for helping me get on 801 this does really help me.

      The only thing is I like cheating and I don’t care.

    11. How do I get back to the beginning page in a puzzle? The game won’t let me go back and start over. When I attempt, it fills in all the letters I had selected! It does not let me change my letter choices! Please help!

    12. I am on 607. I know all of the words but there is no way to form two of them because it always ends up with one e being far away. I just discovered the cheat page. ..wish I hadn’t, but do see that the words I am trying are correct. Thinking it might help, I used 9 of my hints to fill in the puzzle. It still won’t budge. I have to move on or will go crazy. I am addicted to the game.

    13. I am on blue whale 524 and have been stuck for weeks. I have figured all the words, but I’m going crazy figuring how to get Indian with all the letters connected! Even if I enter it first, natural and talent don’t work. Please help! There is no way on the game to skip it either, to move on! I am so frustrated!

    14. I have made it to Lifebuoy on my Kindle, which is dying on me. Can I move my status and stats to a new device? I would hate to throw away a year’s progress

    15. I am having trouble getting my free hints. I press on it and the ad I am suppose to watch does’t do anything. It acts like it freezes up

    16. Today is MLK day.
      The words were “White” and “idea”
      If the word “white” was put on today to have any negative racial connotation, that really really stinks…and I’m a white woman.
      If not, excuse my mistake, but what a coincidence

    17. I have run into a puzzle that is not solvable. It is Manta Ray, level #475. The two words that I cannot arrange properly to spell them out is “scones” and “fried”. No matter how many times I reset the puzzle, the letter layout does not allow me to spell these two words. I cannot advance to the next level without solving this puzzle. What can I do?

    18. I accidentally touched 650 hints/$49.99. I touched cancel but it made the purchase anyway. I want to cancel and have my money refunded.

    19. When transferring my games to a new iPad, my scores did not as I did not use Facebook for signing in.. would it be possible got you to give me my current scores as I do not want to start over and I enjoy the game too much to stop playing it!? Thanking you in advance!

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